Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels

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Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels

Because of the insulating properties or our conservatory roof panels, replacing your existing polycarbonate or glass roof panels, will greatly reduce the amount of heat loss in the winter. Conversely in the summer the panels will prevent your conservatory from getting too hot. The insulated panels are available in various thicknesses and sizes, and we also offer a range of colours.

Stonebarrow’s insulated roof panels offer a simple drop in replacement solution using solid lightweight insulated conservatory roof panels. As the panels are of the same or similar thicknesses and dimensions to those of the old polycarbonate or glass roof panels a perfect fit is ensured.

We usually complete an installation in the same day, although sometimes this can stretch to two days. Small lean-tos are usually completed in half a day.

Insulated panels have been used for their structural strength and lightness for many years and feature in marine and aeronautical structures as well as insulated vehicle bodies and modular buildings.

There is a choice of colours so that the panels can be made to blend in with surrounding structures. The insulated conservatory roof panels are lightweight, extremely strong, easy to handle and are thermally very efficient even though they are relatively thin.

Depending on the roof panel thickness and type of insulation used it is possible, in a straight replacement of polycarbonate with insulated roof panels, to reduce heat loss through the roof by between 50 and 70%.

Owing to the construction of our insulated panels, solar gain due to direct sunlight is also vastly reduced.

For your protection all of our insulated conservatory roof installations are backed by an HICS insurance backed guarantee. Secondly we only use our own team of skilled trades people.

Insulated conservatory roof panels offer some fantastic advantages over standard conservatory roofs, you can read more here

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If you are thinking of replacing your conservatory roof then call Stonebarrow on 01202 026710 and speak to our friendly team.

Stonebarrow – Specialists in Insulated Conservatory Roofs


  • Offers a quicker, less disruptive installation which can usually be completed within 1-2 days
  • Will help reduce heat in Summer and retain heat in Winter and lower your energy bills
  • Add value to your home
  • Resistant to sea water, graffiti and scratches
  • Self-cleaning
  • Reduce external noise

If you have a conservatory roof that requires replacing, and you live on Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire or Somerset then Stonebarrow are here to help. Speak to one of our experts today to discuss your requirements for a new insulated conservatory roof.

Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels

The Ordering Process

Once the enquiry is received, we will contact you by telephone or email to gather further information. We will require details of your current conservatory, the amount and size of panels you require and copies of any photographs you may have.

Based on the information received we will prepare a written estimate of the proposed works. Next we will arrange with you for one of our specialists to visit your property. During their visit our specialist will:

  • measure each individual panel and thickness,
  • show you samples of the conservatory roof panels which would be installed,
  • take you through the calculations,
  • a final price would then be agreed and the order placed.

The Installation Process

We will order  the insulated conservatory roof panels based on the agreed specifications. It is at this point we will provide you with an installation date.

The panels which are supplied by a German manufacturer, will be delivered to your property on the agreed installation date.

The Stonebarrow installation team will:

  • Remove the existing panels and use these as a template to cut the new, replacement panels on site.
  • The glazing bars and sills are then fully cleaned and we will create new seals for your conservatory.
  • The insulated panels and close glazing bars are then fitted with new end closures to create a crisp finish.
  • All waste will be removed from your property.

Upon completion of the installation the works will be ‘signed off’ and we will issue warranties and the necessary insurance documents.