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Solar Panel Installations For Your Home

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Install Solar Photovoltaic Panels on your home and dramatically reduce your energy bills!

Stonebarrow  is a leading solar panel installer and solar energy specialist. With experience in designing, commissioning and installing solar panels for homeowners across Poole, Bournemouth, Wimborne and the whole of Dorset and beyond for more than twenty years.

The beauty of solar lies in its simplicity, a carbon neutral technology with the ability to turn continuous, natural daylight into powerful and reliable energy for your home. As well as saving you money on your energy bills, solar panels can also earn you money. And don’t worry, solar panels can still generate electricity on cloudy days.

Solar panels aren’t just great for your bank balance, either. Using the clean, renewable energy the panels generate is one of the biggest steps you can take in reducing your carbon footprint. It’s also why the government has scrapped all VAT on solar panel installations until 2027!

Solar Panel Installation - Install solar panels and save money on your energy bills.

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If you are thinking of installing solar panels to reduce your growing energy bills then call Stonebarrow on 01202 026710 and speak to our friendly team.

Stonebarrow – Specialists in Solar Panel Installations

Poole – Bournemouth – Wimborne – Dorset

All of our quotes are bespoke to your property, taking into account the size and orientation of your roof. Because of this it is hard to give an average price. Our tailored solar panel installation quotes, ensure you get the best out of your solar panel installation. This will help in maximising the savings on your energy bills.

Consumer Codes Approval Scheme

As an approved business you can rest assured that we have a proven commitment to honest business and higher customer standards.

By purchasing our services you will have access to a clear complaints and ADR procedure.

We are regularly audited and monitored to ensure we comply with the high standards set by our approved code of practice (code sponsor).
By using Stonebarrow, an approved trader, you will have protection above and beyond your normal consumer law rights.

Renewable Energy Consumer Code

RECC sets out high consumer protection standards for businesses who are selling or leasing renewable energy generation systems to domestic consumers.
RECC is approved by Chartered Trading Standards Institute as part of the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme and is also a TrustMark Scheme Operator.

As a RECC Member Stonebarrow have agreed to abide by the high standards set out in the Consumer Code, following the consumer journey from start to finish, and in the Bye-Laws.
Both the Code and the Bye-Laws dovetail with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) installer standards.

MCS Approved Contractor

An MCS certificate is proof that your solar panel installation has been designed, installed & commissioned to the highest standard using only MCS certified products by an MCS certified installer. Please note that an MCS certificate is not a mandatory or legal requirement for system installation.

In order to obtain an MCS certificate, the installation must meet all of the following three requirements:

  • Commissioned by an MCS certified Installation Company
  • Include an MCS certified product
  • Have a commissioning date after 15th July 2009

As an MCS certified installer we will issue you with a MCS Certificate. This should be within 10 days of the system being commissioned.

MCS NICEIC Approved Contractor
Approved Code - Trading Standards
Renewable Energy Consumer Code

Call 01202 026710

Have confidence in your solar panel installation and use Stonebarrow. Why not call us on 01202 026710 and speak to our friendly Solar Panel Installation team.

Stonebarrow – Specialists in Solar Panel Installations

Poole – Bournemouth – Wimborne – Dorset

Your Investment in Installing Solar Panels

Solar Energy does not fluctuate like normal energy prices. It is a one-time fixed price for the installation which will pay for itself in the medium to long term.

Can I Install Solar Panels on My Roof?

Due to the technology used in the UK, the answer is more often than not – yes. Solar panel technology has increased the amount of production by as much as 25%.

If you have investigated installing solar panels on your roof in the past and were advised against it, then look again? The latest solar panel technology has reduced many of the old issues of shading or lack of roof space. So, it is worth finding out if you now have the perfect roof so you can start reducing your energy costs.

Do I Need to Get Planning Permission?

You generally won’t need to obtain planning permission. In England and Wales, the Government’s Planning Portal states that panels are likely to be considered as ‘permitted development’ . Therefore, you do not usually need to apply for planning permission. The big exceptions are: if your property has a flat roof, is listed or is in a conservation area. In these cases, you might need to get approval from your council’s building control team, so check with your local authority.

How does it work?

Solar technologies convert sunlight into electrical energy through photovoltaic (PV) panels. This energy can be used to generate electricity or be stored in batteries for use during the night.

Modern solar panels work reasonably well in cloudy weather, even though the light on cloudy days isn’t as strong. And surprisingly, rain can even make solar panels work better as the rain washes away any dust or dirt. Dust and dirt might reduce the amount of light reaching the photovoltaic cells.

How long will my solar panels last?

As solar panels have no moving parts, very little service and maintenance is required. Unlike a boiler, your solar panels should work efficiently without an annual service. As we get enough rain in the UK you do not usually need to clean them. There are checks you can perform if you think your solar panels are not producing enough energy. Solar panel warranties vary, depending on the manufacturer and model you decide on. Generally, you will find that the panels themselves will be covered for 10-25 years. Solar panels tend to last for 25-30 years, that’s at least 25 years of lower energy bills. Even better, the panels won’t simply stop working after several decades. However, inverters will probably need to be changed after 10 to 15 years.

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Why Choose Stonebarrow For Your Solar Panel Installation? 

As specialists in solar panel installations, we have carried out hundreds of solar panel installations and repairs in Poole, Bournemouth, Wimborne, and the whole of Dorset. We will provide you with a friendly and professional service, to ensure the whole process goes smoothly.

Having installed hundreds of solar panels in the past in Poole, Bournemouth, Wimborne, and the whole of Dorset, our MCS accredited engineers know how to minimise disruption to your daily life. They will work around your schedule to install your panels at a time that suits you, always taking into account your needs and preferences while they work. Your solar panel system will be tailored to your house’s layout, maximising potential output without compromising aesthetics.

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Approved Code - Trading Standards
Renewable Energy Consumer Code
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